Burner Feed Tubes Reline

Industry: Power Generation

Description of Equipment: Burner Feed Tubes

Problem: Due to unreliable adhesive the tile lining was failing regularly, and difficult to repair.

Solution: Thermbond Formula 12-L was installed to increase the life of the lining and allow for patch repairs.

Product Being Replaced: Abrasion tile

Savings Using Thermbond: Thermbond saved the customer time and money by allowing for patch repairs and extending the life of the lining.

Products Applied: Thermbond Formula 12-L

Method of Installation: Ramming

Equipment Used: Hobart mixer, refractory rammer

Scope of Work: Customer removed previous tiles and installed mesh anchorage. Contractor rammed Thermbond Formula 12-L in place.

Follow Up: This is the second installation of Thermbond Formula 12-L in this application. The first, a partial repair, is still in place over 18 months later. Prior to Thermbond the tiles required a yearly repair.

For additional information on this installation, please contact Industry Specialist Brendan Gallagher at [email protected].