Full Reline with 7200 Series

Industry: Cement

Description of Equipment: Cyclone, Bullnose and Nose Ring

Problem: End user had regularly scheduled reline maintenance and wanted to reduce the length of the shutdown.

Solution: Thermbond 7229 & 7206 were chosen for the reline because of their speed of installation and quick dry-out properties. Additionally, Thermbond 7229 & 7206 offered the end user great abrasion resistance, which is perfect for these applications.

Product Being Replaced: Conventional Refractory

Savings Using Thermbond: End user saved upwards of three days of shutdown time thanks to the quick install and fast dry-out properties. The customer anticipates the abrasion resistance properties will allow the unit to operate longer between shutdowns.

Products Applied: Thermbond 7229 & 7206

Method of Installation: Shotcrete & Gunning

Equipment Used: Shotcrete machine, Standard gunning rig

Scope of Work: Existing conventional refractory lining was torn out and new anchors were installed. Thermbond material was installed to an approximate thickness of 200 – 300 mm depending on the location in the unit. The material was either gunned or shotcreted using the same bagged material for both installation methods.

Installation Date: Feb 2020

Follow Up: Will follow-up in one year

Salesman involved: Oliver Frings