Quench Headers Lining

Industry: Refining & Petrochemical

Description of Equipment: Ethylene furnace quench headers.

Problem: Clench headers traditionally experienced hot spots prematurely using conventional refractory due to improper thermal dry-out during unit start-up.

Solution:  Thermbond Formula 16-L eliminates thermal dry out restriction during start up because of self-curing and fast drying characteristics.

Product Being Replaced:  New quench headers.

Savings Using Thermbond: Eliminate future hot spots.

Products Applied: Thermbond Formula 16-L

Method of Installation: Vibrated, Cast

Equipment Used: Four 30 quart Hobart mixers and 2 large external vibrators.

Scope of Work:  A total of four 7’ long quench headers were cast with Formula 16-L at a thickness of 2”.