Ramming Boiler Repair

Industry: Australian Power

Description of Equipment: Unit 2 660MW Boiler

Problem: Operational difficulties and frequent ramp-ups caused the conventional refractory segmented tiles in the 28 burners to become dislodged leaving the burners with exposed bare steel and worn refractory. The customer contacted us looking for an alternative refractory to install as a permanent bond repair to existing fired refractory in the burner quarls, which would reduce excessive furnace down-time and costs.

Solution: Replace “V” anchors and ram high density Thermbond to the clean solid surface of remaining conventional refractory. Thermbond would also protect against thermal shock degradation and reduce the mechanical damage and provide longer lining life. Thermbond eliminated the need for an extended thermal heat cure so the furnace could be brought online quickly.

Product Being Replaced and Repaired: Conventional segmented tile refractory

Savings Using Thermbond: The Thermbond rammed monolithic lining allowed the customer to avoid the capital expenditure of a new lining and longer downtime. Thermbond saved the customer one full day of downtime.

Products Applied: Thermbond Formula 15-R

Method of Installation: Pneumatic rammers on high climber inside boiler

Equipment Used: Large Hobart mixer, pneumatic ramming tools, rubber mallets, trowels. 

Scope of Work:  Prepare 28 burner quarls for ramming by removing any loose refractory with chipping guns, weld new “V” anchors where required. Mix material according to on-site Thermbond’s Installation Specialist. Install Thermbond Formula 15-R to restore damaged areas to original lining thickness.