Round Top Furnace Ramp Reline

Industry: Aluminum

Description of Equipment: Round top furnace ramp

Problem: In this severe abrasive application, the previous ramp material showed significant signs of wear after just 2 months in service, leading to wear on the sill and forcing it to be replaced.

Solution: Due to the technology of Thermbond 7004, especially the hot strengths and durability characteristics, longer runs between outages significantly decrease unit downtime.

Product Being Replaced: Conventional refractory

Savings Using Thermbond: Thermbond 7004 increased the service life of the furnace ramp saving down time for unscheduled repairs to ramp and sill.

Products Applied: Thermbond 7004

Method of Installation: Casting

Equipment Used: Anchor paddle mixer, electric pencil vibrator

Scope of Work: Thermbond 7004 cast to depths of 18” in round top furnace ramp. Ramp was cast with 7004 and forms removed 4.5 hours after cast, saving down time on the unit.