Thermbond 7206 Biomass Boiler Roof Reline

Industry: Power

Description of Equipment: Biomass Boiler Roof

Problem: Existing roof material expanded causing the material to crack, and break off of the roof.

Solution: Customer chose Thermbond 7206 for the easy installation of large panels. Thermbond 7206 also offers better expansion characteristics than the material previously installed.

Product Being Replaced: Conventional Refractory

Savings Using Thermbond: Thermbond 7206 reduced the downtime for the boiler because of the fast dry-out and reheat properties. Customer was also able to install larger panel sections with 7206, as compared to the conventional materials; therefore, reducing the time spent on installation. Longer service life should also deliver savings.

Products Applied: Thermbond 7206

Method of Installation: Panels were cast at 200mm thick, and 2.3 meters wide by 2.5 meters long

Equipment Used: 2 paddle mixers, portal crane for lifting material to cast on roof.

Scope of Work: Material was mixed on ground level and raised to ceiling height with 10 meter portal crane for efficient casting on roof. Materials were cast and vibrated into place

Installation Date: August 9th – 10th, 2017

Follow Up: 2.5 years from installation and the unit is still performing well!

Salesman involved: Oliver Frings