Thermbond Eliminates the Risks and Costs of Conventional Refractory Dry Out Procedures

Industry: Refining & Petrochemical

Description of Equipment: Ethylene Quench Headers and Cones

Problem: The use of conventional refractory created hot spot problems during operation as the refractory was not able to be properly dried out.

Solution: Thermbond has provided excellent performance for over 15 years in multiple plant locations. Customer specified Thermbond for the new installation. Thermbond Formula 16-L was selected for the Quench Headers and Thermbond Formula 6-L was selected for the Header Cones.

Savings Using Thermbond: Eliminated the need for drying out conventional refractory improving performance and saving time.

Products Applied: Thermbond Formula 16-L, Thermbond Formula 6-L

Method of Installation: Vibration Casting

Equipment Used: Hobart Mixed, External Form Vibrator

Scope of Work: 3″ thick Formula 16-L in the Quench Headers; 3″ thick Formula 6-L in the cones. Local refractory contractor wrapped the interior lining (pipe) with ceramic fiber and foil paper. Required 60-70 units per header installed over a two-day period.

Installation Date: August 2017