Thermbond Repair Saves Customer 30 Days Of Downtime

Industry: Aluminum

Description of Equipment: Melting furnace floor repair

Problem: Dross rake pulled a large section of the brick lining from furnace floor 30 days before scheduled shutdown.

Solution: Client needed a repair material with quick curing properties, abrasion and thermal shock resistant, fast heat up, and great non-wetting properties. Thermbond Formula 2104-L met these criteria.

Product Being Replaced: Melting Furnace Hearth Brick

Savings Using Thermbond: Repair was successfully completed in 1 shift, with a dry out of 12 hours. This allowed the client to save 30 days of production to the next planned outage.

Products Applied: 48 units of Thermbond Formula 2104-L

Method of Installation: Cast in place

Equipment Used: Mortar mixer, vibrating wands

Scope of Work: 12” to 9” X 10’ X 8’ of Thermbond 2104-L was cast in a sloped form to match the floor angles.

Installation Date: April 2016

For additional information on this installation, please contact Industry Specialist Brendan Gallagher at [email protected].